To me, art is a way of communicating, when you say something about something, or you say something about nothing. Either way, it's all about saying something new, fresh, and even specific. I have been exploring immersion in my most recent collection of work, in which an object is immersed within a painting. It evolved to a point when an enchant inlay technique was rediscovered by accident. I don't have a particular way of starting the work, such as sketch or other... I don't start with a predetermined imagery in mind when starting the work, and there is always the concept... What interests me is the relationship of the elements that I find captivating for my curiosity at the moment of creation, considering in the next moment the interest may shift entirely somewhere else. If I can invent a new way of juxtaposing those elements in a way that communicate to my sense of harmony, or find a way of consistent stimulation, and to be able to make the relationship of elements a content of the work comes with the reward of understanding of my relationship with the essence of the subject.

I see my work as a body of records of ideas, thoughts, and feelings. It's safe to say, that art is not what one sees, but it is that which is beyond..., that has a direct relationship with the viewers perspective and depth of understanding. The creativity manifests itself in a continual process of events that conclude in a final destination, and it's not an outcome. As an unknown adventure it takes place within the personal wholeness based on the development of one’s intimate thoughts feelings and possibilities at the given time. Thus an artist's imagination is bound to simplicity and as a rule is in conflict with common sense. An environment free of common sense invokes the abstract qualities of thought, thereby stimulating a uniquely energized dialog. To me, each work is a reflection of the self in a fragmented way like pieces of a puzzle subject to solution.

I strive not to reproduce the nature, as it may be perceived, but to speak of beauty and truth. To me beauty is not what is comprised of visually attractive elements; but it is that whose elements are in harmony with each other and its environment. The truth is that whose order is absolute and where the essence of harmony is realized.

Verbal summarization of an artist's work may introduce a relevancy, but should not be viewed as the ultimate basis upon which one can rely. It cannot convey the inner factors involved in the creative process in its entirety, which may be known through a particular experience only. Marcel Duchamp has eloquently pointed out ”… art history has consistently decided upon the virtues of a work of art through considerations completely divorced from the rationalized explanations of the artist“.





© Kaloust Guedel