My work takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. The latest body of work evolved through experimentations of various subjects and mediums. It reflects the excesses of the Capitalist system. The concept was born as a result of experimentations and research in the area of economics. 

Throughout the years I have used variety of materials and processes. Now I have come to embrace the industrial plastic as the primary medium. I introduced it into my work as a result of the Getty's Pacific Standard Time research project in 2011. Artists from Light and Space movement were presented in the same space and time intensely and in condensed fashion.

Regardless of its final form I consider my work a painting. I use acrylic as a medium and apply to the industrial plastic from the opposite side. From time to time I apply some paint from the front side. This technique maintains the reflective surface of the plastic allowing the light to bounce where painted and penetrate through where it is not painted, creating multiple variations on the same surface for a mysteriously unexpected outcome. The light in my work is the third and non-physical medium. It possesses the quality of variations of colors, textures and depth.

During the creative process I let myself go. I let the natural instinct take control over the process and accept the results. This open channel method makes it possible to explore my inner sensibilities. I may not have been aware of their existence before.

My work is very much influenced by Modernism in general. Among my contemporaries Frank Stella's wall sculptures have had profound effect on my sense of depth and relational sensibilities.

 Regardless of all... when I paint, I paint life. I paint as imperfect, as the truth may be.